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Sittin' the desert waiting for rain
The sun has fried out my brain
The air is thick there is only one face
That I will never forget
The very first day we met you blew my mind
I thought you were so fine
The air doesnt move there is nothing to lose
Another Sunday in the desert
You took my money
And threw it away
You took it all and went on your way
Theres nothing left
Have you had a nice day
You rode my pony then you ran away
Come back and stay
Babe youre so far away
The beat is gone forever
Come back and stay
My love is on its way
Come back its now or never
We tried to chase the wind
But now that youre gone
I look for water in the desert
Therere no clouds in the sky
My mouth is so dry
I want you here right by my side
Ive waited long enough, searching for clues
I wanna know just how I got here
Have you left me for good
Is it right that I should
Just fade into the sunset
I hope that you will be here tonight
Tonight will everything be all right
I want you right by my side again
I wonder if youll come back again
Come back and stay...

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