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7 drunken sailors they sail across the sea
7 drunken sailors get everything they need
7 drunken sailors like drifters in a can
Loaded like a nasty gun and good as jolly chaps
7 drunken sailors are stopping in your town
7 drunken sailors set off and hang around
7 drunken sailors they're acting like a clown
Running with the hare, my dear, and hunting with the
See their banners blowing, they flutter in the sky
See their ship a' floating, the flag is set up high
See their bodies moving, they're stepping out of line
Rolling like a cannonball and floating with the tide
7 drunken sailors they sail the seven seas
7 drunken sailors got blisters at their feet
7 drunken sailors don't need a horse to ride
Walking with their head up high, their anchor is in
See the sails are bended, good ghosts along their way
See the drinks are handed, there's nothing more to say
See their faces shining along the planks and rail
Going up the ladder steps and running round the wale
They are crawling, they are crawling
Their sails are tight, they're they're going with the
Hear them calling, hear them calling
And take your chance, they've only come to win!

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