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Now Or Never - lyrics


It was a Friday
I should have known better
So I put myself out into stormy weather

Black Friday
In 97
Girl I was open like a 7/11

So we argued for a couple of hours
It was all in vain, no bunch of flowers
Your point of view was simply not mine
You slapped my face I was feeling fine

Now or never MAKE A START
Now or never HOLD MY HEART
Now or never MAKE MY DAY

Well there was no way, no fucking compromise
Cause I was not willing just to sacrifice
My point of view, cause I was damn right
And who the heck are you to blow my mind
So please, wont you listen to me
If you wanna keep my company
This time, theres no stepping back
This time, Im gonna give you the sack

Should have known better...
Black Friday

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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