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Wish U Well - lyrics


Hey now little baby girl
There is no one else but you
No one to comfort your soul

Hey now little baby girl
No more puppet on a string
You have to walk on your own now

Right now look inside
You’ll see a brand-new day
You have to look for your way
Good look it’s up to you
The future’s in your hands
The dream is gone now you have to run

You better not wait for tomorrow
Cause tomorrow starts today
No more dreams and no more sorrow
Now you’re on your own way

See I don’t really want to go
I wish you luck, I wish you well
I’m afraid I go out there on my own
I wish you luck I wish you well
Now I have a feeling I won’t be alone
Cause it’s all about this little girl after all

Hey now, little baby girl,
Don’t you blow against the wind
One day you’ll find the right words
And now little baby girl
Just listen to your heart
You know that yesterday fell apart

And by the way, don’t call my baby girl, stupid

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

Video was added by DevilDan

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