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Three o clock! (Three o clock!) in the morning, double vision with my homies,
Four o clock! (Four o clock!) feeling funny, got no car and we got no money.
Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh
Five o clock! (Five o clock!) bumming, sunset, drinking forties till we can’t see
Six o clock! (Six o clock!) get too bent and ask if Evan's got anything
Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh
Eight o clock! (Eight o clock!) feeling shitty, coming down off cheap pcp
Nine o clock!, (Nine o clock!) drunk and driving, on my way to Culver city.

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh
Ten o clock! (Ten o clock!) stuck in traffic, taking bong rips in the backseat.
Twelve o cloc! (Twelve o clock!) get arrested on my way to LA County

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