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Satori - lyrics


Let me, paint a picture for you,
It's a stormy night after a cold December day,
I step out into the light,
You step back which makes me afraid,
Of what I see,
And what I see is me,
I can see everything,
Just carry our love for me,
As long as you hold me,
In your hands,
I'll remain,
Your prisoner
Last night I woke up,
In the middle of your life,
You spoke of devils and demons that I,
Cannot explain,
They came up to me,
They made me feel,
Dark and evil
I see you reach out to me,
When your colored,
And I've strangled,
All my words,
And I'm grasping on to,
The only thing that I have left,
When I raise my hands
Follow me to,
This place I have mapped out,
The sun never sets and the moon,
Is hardly out,
The stars seem to laugh at me,
As I stare up into the sky,
And on my perch-I can see,
As clear, as clear as I
And I see you,
Your holding,
All my sky,
As I reached for,
The only thing I can hold

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