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Greyhead - lyrics

Blue-eyed pursuer
I fled you for years
Till I turned and you shattered
My chalice of tears
Through the core of my darkness
Poured my madness, my anger
Your epiphany seduced me
Scorning my danger
For I cannot escape you
You who forms me
Fearless and innocent
Criminal and free
Greyhead, Greyhand, little one, little one
My father, my lover, my brother, my son
Your boundless ambition
Celestial lust
Burned sorrow to ashes
Smashed doubt into dust
You, Sculptor of Bodies
Made the Covenant of Flesh
Fluid meat, ceaselessly
Rendered afresh
Angel of Eternity
Denier of Death
The terror of nations
Lucifer's breath
You haunted my nightmares
You stalk through my life
My predatory Angel
My shadow-dark wife

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