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The optimist:
Controlled perception ignites our destiny
A brisk vision dances
In the body of dreams and liberty,
Errors are victims of external circumstances
The pessimist:
Errors are just a result of false hopes
In the chamber of actions
If you climb dreams with reality's ropes
Ambition will not drown in the sea of fiction
Contrapositions transmuted by the roller chain of attitudes
Transporting opinions in harmony with conscious moods
By the chains of death we're stigmatized,
Encircled by pernicious fire
By the chains of life we're mesmerized,
To embrace the element's choir
The optimist:
All the links are connected
With the magnetic pole of beauty
Where honesty is to be detected
By accepting the essence of ambiguity
The pessimist:
Beauty is a phenomenon to ease the pain,
Blue skies are just dots in the grey
Temporary illusions that will detain
You from living your life today
Are you able to manage your emotions?
Or are you climbing an imaginary tower
Do you watch reality through the window of erosion?
Through rotten fruits and withered flowers

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