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Frequency Control - lyrics

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Building machines along the atmosphere
To rule the electromagnetic cavity
Consuming waves that cohere
Our thinking with our body
The brain rhythm is taken over,
Behaviour and mood is unbalanced
Disruption by an eerie mind rover
Transmitted through silent cadence
Technology at work from a distance
Inserting a message of dark journeys
Turning consciousness into a voidance,
Operating inside all frequencies
Until we're slaves to this maligant industry
Manipulated, contaminated
The senses can't be trusted
Inflated, accumulated
The thoughts are crusted
With a wanton essence
Satellites monitoring the program
They orbit our perception
Implanting a signal that shams
The consciousness, to deny the interception
We act like robots: still human but with corrupted souls
Movement through commands from an unknown remote control
Sanity is spiralling out of control

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