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Elinoire - lyrics


Now I'm here, surprised at all.
These humans are tall, I'm afraid
No familiar place
I'm scared to move
This new surrounding contests my shelter from the rain

Now you are born my dear
I will lay my love on you
I'll keep the promise, I'll do

Don't be afraid my child
I'm always with you Elinoire
Even if I have to go
Please be well-behaved
And walk the path of life
I'll pull you through from on high

It's time to come along
The boat doesn't wait
It longs for you, your name is carved in stone
Follow me into the light
Closer to the dawn, now faithfully

Now you are born I will lay my love on you

Listen to your sanity
And bid farewell to Elinoire
Look what you've left behind
Even if it's hard for you
That she'll be out of reach
This one memory, this one memory remains

She died for you, Elinoire

No need to cry anymore

Here in heaven she cares for you

Aim for the stars, don't you cry

Don't mourn about me

I'm afraid to fail

Your tears run dry, whether you don't remain

I can feel your warmth above my sin
I won't pretend
I will endure

Forget about the pain my dear
You're sheltered by your fathers hand
Even if he would not show
Please be well-behaved
And walk the path of life

Just follow your heart
You'll find your way
Follow your heart
You'll find all my light in the stars

In the stars my Elinoire

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