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I'll Do Anything - lyrics

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There was a man who lived alone
He'd sit and think, "Will I find anyone?"
He said please, please
I'll do anything, anything
There was a boy who didn't know
What he would be when he was old
He said please, please
I'll do anything
Please, please
I'll be anything, anything
Well, little boy, you have to understand you're not the only one
Who's feeling anxious toward the bullshit that's attached to growin' up
And all those things you learned along the way
Were nothing compared to the things that stayed
In your heart, since the day you were born
And tell the man not to worry, it doesn't matter when you die
It'll always be the longest that you've ever been alive
And for that, you should be grateful, yeah for that, you should be scared
And for that, you should find at least one excuse to fight your fears
'Cause if not, you've already died
And believe me when I say I know exactly what that's like

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