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Carved in Flesh - lyrics


Dreaming of the dead
Visions of my death
Darkness of my death
Darkness is my friend
Till the bloody end
Sharing the deepest pain
Fear drives me insane
Hate is my belief
Ever since I lived

Carved in flesh, piece by piece
You're gasping for air as I squeeze
In my eyes there's no life
Feeding my ears with your cries

Carved in flesh- I see the sign of death
Carved in flesh- Your torture I confess
Carved in flesh- Your body's aching for
Carved in flesh- I smell the blood of yours

Terrorize and torturize
I'm the tormentor of flesh
In my mind, no compromise
Greating the art of your death

You're screaming and crying
And soon you'll die
You suffer, you bastard
Your soul is mine

Carved in flesh- Carved in flesh

Lyrics was added by DevilDan