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Dark and cold as my body awakes
Deep in the tomb of the night
Woke by the call of the undead I rise
Revenging their souls before the light
Prepare the absymal path - Beware the creation of wrath
Out on frozen blood - Out to kill in wrath
Sent from hell as the creature of the night -
The light I must not see
Twisted and burned I'm a slave to black art -
The forces of death I will lead
Out in the night - Hunting and haunting
Revenging the lost tortured souls I won't find no rest
Till I'm ending this quest - Before I return to my grave
Messenger of the dead and the lost -
Destined to bring out their wrath
Protecting the unholy caverns of hell -
Witchery's demonic spell
Hacking and killing, and strangling to death -
The victim is now sacrificed
Nothing is sacred, but evil is real -
Feasting a dead carnal meal
Death is all I see - My immortality
Out on frozen blood - To teat their souls apart
Beware the creation of wrath
As I kill

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