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Dying Blood - lyrics


We saw them approach
Through the rising dawn
With their giant war machine
And their deadly spawn

We fought to resist - From day till night
But thier hate was merciless- We had to die

All the victims killed - So innocent and weak
I still hear the cries of war
In my dreams they bleed

Our rotten souls - Forever lost
I saw them feast upon - My dying blood

Out for the final wrath - With blood on our hands
Annihilate the path - Through hostile land
Drifting through killing fields- Alive and dead
Craving infernal fire
With blood stained desire

Some ages passed - Still we can't forget
Extermination from the past
Our hate will last

They cry for peace - For a dying race
No mercy, face to face
And let the weapons bleed

The dead will feast upon - My dying blood

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Video was added by DevilDan


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