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Forced to Kill - lyrics


Kill the pigs of war- Pain and fear no more
Kill to save my back- Hell and blood attacks

Forced to kill I rise- Death before my eyes
Beast of war in sight- Forced to kill I fight

The war machine- A deadly force so mean
A sky so black- The war machine attacks

Forced to hate I kill- Seas of blood I spill
Fast and mean I strike- Kill to stay alive

No retreat, no defeat
Seems that this battle won't end
War till death, relentless- Fight to the last and defend

Fields of blood cry- Marching to die
Scorching the land- Got no repent

Forced to kill I rise- Master in disguise
Spread the pain, with war- Never seen before

Death and blood will reign- Forced to regin in pain
Lots have lost their faith- Cuts the human race

Leave behind the weak- Strength in war we seek
Burning years to come- The dark ain't got no sun

Burning, fields of war, the massacre starts
I creep, through the dark, prepare the fatal attack
Control, the war machine, launch the deadly assualt
Escape, the firestorm, turns life to dust

Lyrics was added by DevilDan


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