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Talk's cheap - lyrics

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Talk's cheap...uh huh
Talk's cheap...oh yeah
Everybody's likes the sound of their own voices
Everybody's life is so dull
They spend their time living someone else's
Ain't it fun to socialize
Get together with some friends
And pass around some rumors
Talk's cheap...oh yeah
Ring ring call me on the phone
Hello, did you know? know what?
Guess who...and then
Well I never know, swear to god, I was there
It happened just like this; do tell...uh huh
Guess it makes you someone special
To be in on all the secrets and to tell them
Ain't it entertaining
Keeps your tongue in shape
I guess it passes the time you do it all day long
Talk's cheap!!!
You must think you're really sharp
The way you use your words like knifes
Yeah, talk's cheap

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