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Till My Soil - lyrics

Till the soil
Coming rain quenches thirsty crops again
Laying idle keeps you tired since the growing time expired
I don't know what's come over me
Once I was so scholarly
And now I realize my fate
Time has come to irrigate
Gotta till my soil
Fertilize the plains to keep the brains alive
Sucker-fools around
Counted on by those who clearly keep them on the ground
Ground level street-wise pain makes a good man go insane
They taught you well by teaching none
Now you help their business run with your consumer ignorance
Coerner you at no expense
I sometimes wonder who's to blame
Mighty nation falling lame
If you're thirsty for knowledge, then drink of the wine
You'll never achieve it if you don't tend the vine
A glimmer of sunlight wrestles the clouds
Calling the rooted seep up from the ground
Driven by will
Not by fear
Driven by will to keep my planet here
Criticize me - I'm taking it back
I am the millions that pay the tax dollars that keep you fat
It's about damn time that we bury your crime
Crime-ridden government
Can you hear the message sent?
The education has begun
Billions all becoming one
Your faithful flock now bearing teeth
Find your wicked beneath the hooves of all you've made recoil
Earth is for the ones that till the soil

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