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Hey Now, You're a CJ - lyrics

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Somebody once told me
The cheese is gonna kill me
I ain't the thinnest man in the grove
He was looking kinda gay
With his lap dog
With his hand
In the shape of an L
Oh that's old shit!
Man, the dip starts coming
And they don't stop coming
Bike to the tracks and I hit the train running
Didn't make sense not to eat for fun
Your brain gets smart but your mouth gets dumb
So much to eat
So much to drink
So what's wrong with taking the number nines?
You'll never know if you don't eat
You'll never bust if you don't skeet
You're a CJ
You're a moron
Keep your strength up
Eat food
All that chicken is GOLD
Only number nines, break the CHEESE
(Verse 2)
And they say it gets bigger
You're thin right now
Wait till you get bigger
But the Ganton gym beg to differ
Judging by the CHUMPS
In the GODDAMN picture
The food we eat
Is getting pretty old
The dip's getting cold so you might as well drink
My fries' in the car
How 'bout yours?
That's the way I like it
And I'll never get HUNGRY
2 number 9s, number 9 la-arge
I'll have a number si-ix with extra dip
Num-ber 7
2 Forty-Fives
One with cheese (cheese)
And a large soda
Great, great great!

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