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The Breaker's Commission - lyrics

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Stripping demons right off my back trying to leech life off me.
Get off me and feel my Father's fury, Oppressor!
One day you'll feel the full blast of His vengeance, Beelzebub, but for now
I'll love.
Cause I got strength.
He blew courage in my backbone.
Now I'll stand straight and militant lining up in Jehovah’s battalion,
knowing you can't challenge him so we march forward.
Swift as eagles, set like talons ready
to grip souls from your grass,
slick snake in the grass,
my Lord sees you and vengeance is his.
But for now I retaliate,
propelled by a holy mandate to heal
‘cause I know how bad it hurts.
Full of madness at first but now
gladness bursts out the seams of our beings
‘cause we overflow with the oil of joy
the ointment of the anointed
mending any torn soul
healing any broken bone
He is here.
He was there.
He is peace.
He is faithful.

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