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Roadkill on information highway
Stunned by the punch of death
Empire of viruses, no one is safe
The vermin of our age breeding
Ideals stomped to the ground
Battle the invisible, no one can win
Take heed
You cannot hide
We will writhe in agony
Head first
Through the bottle neck
Incomplete and engulfed in flames
Yearning, heart burning
For something I cannot feel (Endless!)
Endlessly searching
For solution to set me free (Crush!)
Crushing, deceiving
All the enemies I see (Within!)
Within, the reason
Tells the enemy is me
Crushed - crushed - you're crushed
Overrun by mass of knowledge
Deathblow to our minds
Encrypted formulas, unsolved for life
Headshot to join conception
Errors in perfect divine
Infinite endless resources - obsolete wars?

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