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Dead Times Awaken - lyrics

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Light shines through the keyhole, It’s silhouette on the wall,
Shadows start dancing, Awaiting me to fall,
Water from the ceiling, Is getting colder still
These years spend in silence, No, they won’t break my will
Far away my mind’s today, Far beyond these prison walls,
I leave behind this hell of mine, I’m taking off into a dream
Once again my mind drifts away, Back to the days of freedom,
All the scenes of my life pass before my eyes
Thru the times my mind journeys on, Back to the days of fortune
I hear the voice I’ve been dying to hear for so long,
I’m back home again
Sound of silence wakes me, But this nightmare won’t end
Darkness has blinded me, And my eyes will never mend,
The future’s written for me
So I escape into the past, I sink into my memories,
But their beauty won’t last

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