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Forest Elves-Winter Moon - lyrics

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In the woodlands low, born of ice and snow,
there´s a maiden weeping tonight.
Snow falls softly ´neath the winter moon.
Forest bare and white , she dwells there by night.
Listen to her cry sorrow´s song.
Snow falls softly ´neath the winter moon.
Daughter of the night.
Oh, who do you cry for?
Keening softly ´neath the winter moon.
Fuyu no tsuki, fuyu no tsuki, kanashimi utsusu fuyu no tsuki.
Kogoeru fuyu no tsuki no yoru ni yuki no otome hana o mistuke ni yuki ni umoreta sanrin no naka o tabi tsuzukena sai.
Traveler passing trough, feet all bare, his smile was true.
His eyes shone with starlight.
He waked softly ´neath the winter moon.
Love made ma heart soar, you´re the one I´ve waited for.
Stay with me forever.
She cried softly ´neath the winter moon.

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