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I'm not afraid of tmorrow - lyrics

Brand my eyes, with this lifeless expression.
Forget it now, its lost all attention.
Follow the path, the way of destruction.
This silence has been broken.
Im not afraid of tomorrow
For tomorrow will bring the stars.
I live my life in this sorrow
For the morning will bring the light.
The morning will bring the light
And now it's too late for regrets.
Lets fight this tide and fade away.
I see it in your eyes
The silence has been broken once again.
There will be no miscommunication.
I know this morning brings the light.
Flat line these waves will pull away.
Fight the aggression, flat line
These waves will pull away.
We fight the aggression
Flat line the waves will pull away.
In the wake of this moment, the waves will pull away.
In the wake of this moment.

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