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The words I'm about to say.
You might not be ready for.
All you thought you had forever.
Will never be yours anymore.
No... Oh no...
This life in a golden castle.
Far away from any trouble.
Was the start, start of a journey.
Where fate is predictable.
You came to hear the diviner.
To know what you should ignore.
You gave your gold to the diviner.
For the truth you are searching for.
The future I saw in your eyes.
Was not the one expected.
But only you can tell us why.
This curse has been inflicted.
Worst to come is there beyond.
Where life has no more to say.
You have all the reasons to fear.
The unknown that's on your way.
But what I saw on that day.
In the dark eyes of destiny.
Is nothing you can compare.
To what your choice could make you see.
Once you'll finally find the doors.
Where none have seen behind.
Your heart will show you the path.
Which leads deep into your mind.

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