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Over My Head - lyrics

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I talk to the angels
but there's nothing much to say
too many memories
were lost along the way
I'm over my head
I am what I want to be
because I've long forgotten shame
the pain that you've given me
will burn your soul someday
I'm over my head
the water drags me under
I'm over my head
empty world of plastic smiles
silence reaching out for miles
all I know is what I feel
I need this hate to make me real
I'm over my head
I ask of the angels
is there nothing I can change
they shake their heads as if to say
that hell is for eternity
distant voices haunting me
calling to me as I sleep
demons tearing at my mind
sworn forever to the black
light is never coming back
a pain that never goes away
I'm over my head
I'm over my head

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