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What I Wouldn't Give For Your Love - lyrics

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I'd give the sun and moon just to hold you, girl, I'd give anything
Your the only one in this whole wide world who makes me feel this way
You came to me just like you were an angel from above
Honey, what I wouldn't give for your love
Well I wouldn't give my rusty old pick up
I wouldn't quit drinkin beer, wouldn't stop dippin snuff
Wouldn't give up my ratty old boots and jeans
Wouldn't stop readin playboy magazine
Wouldn't give up my dog, not my old shotgun
Not my fishin pole, hell, its my favorite one
Not my new bass boat, not my baseball glove
That's what I wouldn't give for your love
Now girl once I told ya
I give anything just to hold ya
But what was I thinking I was out of my mind
What was I tryin to prove tellin you those things
Well, now honey
I'd give up some of my money
But there's a few things I ain't letting go
Cause girl you gotta know this boy, he ain't ever gonna change
Ah, no, not my new bass boat or my baseball glove
Not my 5 pound bass or my ten point buck
Not my poker night or leavin the toilet seat up
That's what I wouldn't give for your love
Nope, ain't gonna do it

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