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n the shadow of my worlds collapse,
without a doubt I’d cast myself adrift
finding uglier and lesser thin,
the internal scars than this razored skin,
but is it practical?
Is it rational?
Is it factual?
Is it actually affecting me?
Protecting me,
or directing me to misery.
I’ve known its time to let go
here, I try
not to speak your name in muted sigh.
Now as we’re falling under this anesthetic sleep,
all that we fear is that we’ve watched our dreams die
and we are next
Spoke of scenes dreamt in a time,
before you knew
how only to
sleep in screams.
Swept silent now,
you’re voice a whisper lingering.
I will contemplate,
while I complicate
and decimate
my every fate,
disintegrate or integrate myself -
to a world that never hears.

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Beneath The Ashes

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