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We Bare These Scars - lyrics

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Still searching for answers
searching for freedom
I'm bound to these chains
by my angels and demons.
For all that its worth and
what little it means,
you're stuck in my head
and you're haunting my dreams.
The fires will burn and
the sirens will scream
alarms they will sound
but its soon up to me
to face the facts
of the rising degrees,
and extinguish the the life
of what I used to lead.
yet we bare these -
that run deeper and deeper.
are these hearts this -
corrupting of innocence.
Shaking the dust
clean from life's empty stare
entrusting our fate
to the throes of despair
How long can you wait
just how long will you care
forgive and forget you
Breaking the ties
that bind the connections
dying inside
gripped by your infection
I'm losing my mind
and all recollection
as i am left behind.

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