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Lines On My Face - lyrics

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Lines on my head from
that one thing she said
She spoke of strangers
that don't sleep two a bed
Kept on trying, buying time
not waiting on fate
And somehow I got the feeling that
I opened my eyes too late
I saw where you came from
Called out your name
but there's no answer
We lived on your doorstep
I made you my wife
but I don't need that
Lines on my face
while I laugh lest I cry
Speed city dirt and
gritty waving me goodbye
So many people
my family of friends
Trying so hard to make me smile
until this heartache mends
Ice in her eyes
frozen tears would
never be a surprise
You can't erase a dream
you can only wake me up
My mind is turning slower
never to accept defeat
It don't matter where I live
I still got a house to heat
(chorus 2x)

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