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Sonic Vs Mario Rap Battle (Game Parody) - lyrics

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Sonic verse -
Im battling mario, so I gotta go slow,
Id hate for you to miss me roasting you,
Your games are all the same saving princess peach,
I hate to say it but she’s just not that into you,
Who gets kidnapped 23 times without a clue?
Mario she’s having an affair dude,
I mean come one who would most chose?
Big king bowser, or well you?
Think of all the times you been played you’re a loser,
Even your mushrooms tell you to get a life,
You’re lost tried being a ref, doctor etc,
But the only thing you’re master of, is pipe,
And you’re only fun when you’re mushroom high,
I’d rather be friends with toad cus he’s a fun gi,
I got those speedy jabs, quick kicks you want more,
You’ll be feeling like yoshi, Dino sore,

Sonic chorus -
Goomba’s moving like roombas how will I ever evade,
The mushroom kingdom and sewer systems, don’t compare to green hills landscape,
I was told I should be afraid of attacking him,
But I got a lot of experience fighting fat moustache men,
Mario chorus -
I'ma battle this a hedgehog
I'ma throwa some a shade
Cos I still get a paid and I still get a played
Sonic you should be very afraid a
I'm a good at fixing a pipes
Peach will a be a my wife a
All you do a is run, yea your games no a fun
Now it's time for our worlds to collide a

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