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Ur Theultimate - lyrics

youre the kind of friend who always bends when im broken
like remember when,
u took my heart and put it back 2gether again

i been waistin time wit clueless guyz but now its over
lemme tell u y im through
im wit sum1 new who's just like u

youre it!
youre the ultimate
its automatic im sure of it
no lies, so dont even try
2 tell me that ur not the guy
cuz i been waitin all my life 4 sum1 just like u
but ur it, ur the ultimate, u!

ur the kinda guy whose hands and mind send me the shivers
up and down my spine
u took my heart and put it back together again
ur the kinda guy who blows my mind
but now its my turn
its been right in front of me
evrything i need i see


Lyrics was added by pata1618

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