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The Departure - lyrics

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i, i guess i figured it out
by nightfall we'll have bleeded it out
and if you only knew me
this is my sequal to my dying movie
oh after i left you
i fell in love with something else
this chemical has got the best of the answers
your always on my mind well,
give me something else i could have vain, obtain,
oh Lord,
its not the same I, stop the praying cause i never knew it that i thought you could oh Lord,
i got no way out i never have
now im praying for this ohhhh
you wouldnt,
broken glass
watch me as i wave goodbye
you turned your back to many fucking times
by night fall
ill be fine..
just the thought be overwhelemed
storing everything that i can see inside and not sleeping till
that night
when you called it a nightmare
i never did it, change it, i dont think your playing games but i think its all a shame
that my frie4nds are all in
tell me NOWW!!!
please just let me go
by nightfall
watch the waves come crumbling in
its a figure of speach YES!
i am HERE!
you are there
we are NOT alone
we are not aLONE
you stabbed me in the back
one to many times
now im just walking away
and getting SAD!
please SAVIOR!
walk AWAY!
walkaway from ME!
and what i have CREATED for MYSELF
i walk away home
i'm ready to go, i'm not ready to go...

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