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Division of Mind - lyrics

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In Through The Out Door
Out to The West
This Fascist Nation
Never Rest
Fight Back
Rulers of Hatred
We Execute Pain
Not With Our Hands
But Others We Pay
Fight Back
No Mutual Surrender
Scent of Chud
With Infinite Spirit
We Never Give Up
Fight Back
The Alter of Truth Is for The Living
The Alter of Truth Is Unforgiving
A Network of Druglords
Rule This Land
This Democracy Will
Never Stand
Fight Back
Division of Mind Is Strangulation
Division of Mind is Suffocation
The Tandem Mirror
Shatters in Two
Chaotic People
Invalidate You
Fight Back
Reprogrammed Vision
Dimension of Fright
Hollow Delusion
We All Lose Sight
Fight Back
Syringed Injection
Into Your Arm
Final Solution
Now Will Come

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