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Liquid Separation - lyrics


Deep into the blackest matter
Where no one can breathe

Where G-forces rip out your lungs
And your brain starts to freeze

Deprived of vital oxygen
Your mind starts to drift

Sinking into a sleep
Your pulse grows weak

This form we live in
Is a fragile creation
This euphoric sensation
Is liquid seperation

A flashing occurs
Right in front of your eyes
The final moment if truth comes time
Never Lies

A memory retaining a love you had for life
As cruel as it seems nothing ever seems to
Go right


Deep penetration
A dying Sensation, In sight

Your blood stops to flow
And now your body lets go

Colder and colder your hands turn to ice

Casting a shadow
Your soul sees the light

Retrovision is so misgiven
Retrovision too late for decision


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