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A Lovely Mess - lyrics


I'm not the man that I once was, but I’m changing everyday because I want to find someone like you.
you’ve got eyes that could tear me down, but all they do is build me up. so hold my hand before my heart erupts.

Darling I may not be everything you want, but I can give you all i have. I’m not the perfect man, but you are just so perfect and i want to be the one that holds your hand.

I’m sorry if i come off strong and it could be that you’re all wrong for be but i just had to see,
‘Cause you are broken, and I am such a wreck. I think we’d make a lovely mess.

Someday we could could wake up in a bed we call our own
I would buy you lots of flowers, and someday I”d build your home
I would sing you frank sinatra, while we sway along and dance, this life of course could be all yours if you just give me a chance

I”m not those men that made you cry and I promise I will spend my life just trying to make you feel alive
cause you are broken and I am such a wreck I swear ill love you til dead

Lyrics was added by Kolabter

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