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Rhythm Of Time - lyrics

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What's outside?
The beat of the nation
The stadium of Zonk
The heart of the city
The real world
Burning flags
The pressure of daily life
Nothing to be afraid of
We believe in the future of the
human race
What's inside?
The pulsing blood
Turmoil and chaos
Noises, images
The rhythm of time
We dream of the mating season
Feel a coming tidal wave
We want to run but cannot move
'Cause we're embedded in concrete [come on
Sixty three
Who's mister X?
Get up]
We live in a fairy tale
We swim along with the whales
We dream of evergreen trees
Wake up in heart-rending cries
Good morning
What's above
Desire, survival
An almighty God
Like a hanging sword
New planets to conquer

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