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Until the old ages of shadows
Blood-filled desires
Of a darkening sky
Upon the empty lies of cold dreams
Within eternal screams of wrath
Within pain, anger and misery
Desolated scars.....
Day by day, sacrifice the colors
On these lands of emptiness
Cold souls breathing out all memories
Will remain without lights
Instead of living
Rising above the deafening night.
Fathers of endless ice
Let these men
Turn the day to dark,
For thy darkened kingdom,
For thy darkened night,
For honor, death and night
Frozen screams.....
White mighty silhouettes
Mountains of winter
Silenced waters
Of endless time
Dwelling in the silence of winter
With dusty hands of fog
Gods of nature…..
Eyes of the mountains
Deify my existence
Curse the lights of serenity
The dark is bleeding.....
Wisdom has gone
Nocturnal colors serving for the moon
For the endless nightmares

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Those of the Cursed Light

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