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I lift my gaze to you, King Darkness
Almighty devourer of souls
I am your most loyal follower
I accomplish your black desires
I get in this vast desolation
Where the vermin writhe in pain
Across the valley of the damned
Where the bloody river flows
Under thy throne
I pledge in body and soul to you
Under thy throne
I obey your black desires
Under thy throne
I yearn for thy mighty call
Under thy throne
I summon black arts
Girded by legions of cold souls
Crowned in majestic black
In the halls of thy frozen kingdom
Your will shall be done
.....Thy will shall be done.....
Spawned by evil forces
Driven by impious claws
In front of thy frozen throne
Your will shall be imposed
Beyond the tower of despair
I raise my bone sceptre
Into this infinite abyss
I invoke you, ruler of this barren land
A wintry maelstrom of immortal snow
Emerges from my hands
A swirl of power and destruction
And the gate of hate unfolds
I await to thy mighty call
I summon black arts
Under thy throne...
Under thy reign …
Under thy kingdom...
Under thy throne...

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