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living in the realm of death
my hunger for blood commends me
seeking on who will be next
for my vicious attack
hiding in the shadows of darkness
stalking my victim of fate
come out of the dark
pummel my prey
I take you to my deadly domain
hanging my victim
with hooks through her skin
awakened by agonizing pain
begs for her life
there is no escape
as her body hangs bare
rubbing my hands all over her body
as i molest her existence
grabbing a knife
slicing her throat
watching her bleed
as i bathe in her blood
amongst the dead!
vicious desire to kill
amongst the dead!
gruesome fiend for flesh.
drink the blood, of my dead victim!
saver every drop till the end
dissect and butcher the limbs from the corpse!
separating parts going piece by piece
aroused by gore
looking at my masterpiece!
pleasure fulfilled by my design
these deviant ways
i live to devour!
nothing in this world i most desire
lifeless victim butchered to death
skinning her flesh from her face
gutting her torso of all that's within
preserving her bowels for my feast
place her corpse in the acid bath
as i dissolve the mass
no signs of death to be revealed
in the house of the dead

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