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Natures force knows no mercy
A force that sees, no signs of life
Imposing will, not known by man
Bodies wait to rot away

The violent shakes, the eerie rumble
No hiding from the falling sky
The water takes, your breath away

No shelter from, the deadly wave
Panic stricken, nowhere to run
No time to think or pray for hope
Shadow cast across the land
A thousand miles of devastation

Millions of screams
Pain and agony
Monuments crumble
Collapse of humanity

All will fall that stands in the path
Burning debris falling ash

Natures craft in perfect design
Impending doom leaves nothing behind
Failure to breach is fallowing blind
The end is just a matter of time

Into a path where all is bleak
Means to survive is all you seek
Final look take one last peek
Life as you know becomes obsolete

Mass devastation
Ends all humanity of this world
Civilization nothing left to roam the lands
Global Cataclysm
Not one being is left to breath

The aftermath the somber silence
The dreams of man are swept away
Ending all humanity
Stricken by catastrophe

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