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Words of men
Who live by faith
Engraved in stone
Displayed to show
Convert and save
These mindless slaves
To give belief
By those who preach
Condemn the rest
Bow in grace
Past gives way
Order to obey
Reject the lies
Forsaken deity
The path divine
Life so blind
Gasp and read
Rites in white
Don't lead to light
Passage they read
Kneel or burn
The end unknown
Led the torn
Prophets are born
Deny the lies
Forsaken deity
Foolish beliefs by those who preach
A history full of hate
Violence to praise their lord
Giving their worthless lives
Dooming the future with ancient scrolls
The path that is taken remains unknown
Deceitful tales of good and evil
Polluting the minds of broken men
Fulfillment through senseless worship
Society withers till the bitter end
By all the lies
Fools mislead
Truth when dead
Unlock the mind
Free mankind
Pull the cord
Deny the Lord
Unfold the eyes
Sacred book of lies
Truth be told

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