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Disease Threaten Mankind
Infectious Plagues Arise
Nation Fear for their Lives
Insects and rodents carry Death
no ones for tells this affliction
Warnings After many Have Died
Out Break Cannot be Contained
Pestilence Reigns Till there is nothing Left
Mass Infestation
Dying From Incurable Plague
Mass Infestation
Black Death Decompose this Race
Epidemic Turns to Pandemic
Millions Cry and beg for a cure
Extreme Lost of life Populations Future is bleak
isolation those infected leaving them all to ROT!
Survivors keep searching on
trying to save the Human race
After Billions have died all keeps seeking Hope
Science Creates new Answers
Man Has found a cure for the plague
After all this is done
mutation creates another
the next one becomes stronger
Plague is Contained But Never Dies

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