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Slaughtered the innocent and slaved the weak
your horrible mind is now confined
Convicted of murder under trial by fire
no way out this misery
Sentenced to death by a massive controller
life on death row awaits you
condemned to a death watch cell
your judgment of death has just begun

you will face your fate
By your own hands
Within the abyss!

Locked up in a sinister dungeon
never to rise from this abyss
your mind starts to wither away
eternal blackness touches your soul
Slowly you start rotting in terror
your frigid body becomes weak.
The chamber awaits as the keeper calls
your judgment day has now come

you will face your fate
By your own hands
Within the abyss!

At last the day has come
the day to face your death
walking beside the executioner
shackled hearing his whispering commands

Arriving! To your final domain
strapped down to the death machine
left to die to your surprise
you defy the death machine

left to die!!!

Left to rot forever
scream to be released
no one here to save you
as the rats have a bloody feast!

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