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Prove Your Love - lyrics


prove your love
prove your love to me
give me all your love
I hope your love is real
don`t try to hide
don`t try to cheat
love is what I need
so prove your love to me

oh yes yes ya`ll girlie got it going on
smooth nice hips and at home all alone
oh baby you drive me crazy
I want to be with you cause I like them daisies
baby come on prove your love to me
got it going on cause my love is so deep
oh yes smooth on his mission
and I made my latest decision
I want to show you that my love is real
I want to tell you how I feel
don`t try don`t try to hide your weakness
you wanna make love you better do this
oh oh what a wonderful bootie
oh sweety why want you be my cutie
different girls mh mh not for me
so get ready and prove your love to me

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