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Fractures - lyrics

Last night I dreamed of you again, but this time, the context was unclear
Was it a foreshadowing of my future? Or just a tunnel with light at the end?
Were we born with the curse of desire, or is it just in our bones when we're dead?
Will the fractures in our minds heal quickly, are we simply too broken to mend?
There was pain in your voice, you were hiding your eyes
For a lingering moment I felt so alive
My mind was like quicksand, absorbing the time
Leaving space for our trembling hearts to divide
Tonight I'll dream of you again, but this time I'll read between the lines
This time I'll have to be more careful to avoid the very traps that I designed
(Brendan Murphy)
You are the cold that collects in the night air
You are the moment before my first breath
You are the sun and the shadows beneath it
My brightest light and my darkest contempt
Who'd have known that the burden you buried was the same one I'd held in my chest?
Would you guess that the flame you ignited would burn you till nothing was left?

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