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trapped in here Inside city of hate
Every angel dies in the end
And this world is inside of my mind
Every fucking single day of my life
All my memories and this life
Is consumed by darkest night
This insanity is like a game
Game that I wont play
I was a dreamer but now I wanna die
Angel save, save my life
When I saw you, you showed me brightes ligt
Save me angel from my mind
I saw shadows on the wall
So please close that door
I wanna sream to heaven
Its just
-----Ref -----
in my mind
And that angel was on the sky
Iam just a man But
Iam blind
Like a poet with no soul
traped in this
darkest night
my soul is consumed by your lies
Why iam here
And my life
on the edge of oblivion
Iam trap in here

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