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Funky Diamond Groove - lyrics

Give me some time to play with your mind
Swing around search for the place to find
Give me a beat and I know what we'll do
We'll make some fun for you
Party all day and party all night
Turn up the music if you feel alright
Come on everybody it's time to make a move
It's time to show and prove
We're gong back- back
We're going forth- forth
We're going back going forth
and around and around
Let's take a dip- deep down
Let's take a dip- deep deep down
Just jump around
Everybody jump
This one's for you
This is the Funky Diamonds groove
and we're grooving grooving for you
the Funky Diamonds groove
Hey Hooo
Here I am baby and I tell you what
the beat and the sound it makes me real hot
gimme a beat and I know what to do
we'll make some fun for you
The time is right let's move back and forth
From club to club wriggling south to north
So come on get up get in and gert down
Cause Diamonds are around

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Funky Diamonds