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I Know That You Want Me - lyrics

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I know that you want me 'cause I can read your mind
show me all you've got boy true love is hard to find
I know that you want me but nothing is for free
so if you want to spend the night you got to be real
Sexy boy you rty to play with my mind
but your fakie smile ain't making me blind
And all the words you tell me just sound the same
guess you lose your time I won't play the game
If you wanna be with me just stay the night and play
make me love and set you free. I say
Na na ne now
Na ne na ne now
Na na ne now
I got to, I got to find the best
You better stop to think you're making me wild 'caue
the way you act is more like a child
Don't you tease me now with sweet little lies
I won't get down till I see love in your eyes
Pleasure and fun I'm gonna give it up to you
I'm gonna take you to the top don't stop
the wohloe night I say
I like the way you make your body move
and your loving pretty baby still has to be true
Now you sexy little thing you gonna drive me crazy
touch me thrill me making me bang bang boogie boy
you better stop being lazy the Funky Diamonds groove
gonna keep you busy

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