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I want dance
I wanna have a good time
I wanna have a good time
I wanna feel frieden fine tonight
I wanna feel the body
I wanna see them dancing
I wanna have a party here tonight
oohoohooohooo x4
I'm standing at the door waiting to hear they're
play my favourite Song cause I wanna dance tonight
ooooh yeaaah
He turns the music up I feel so good I feel allright tonight cause the music makes me high so high
Chours x2
oohoohooohooo x4
Every was dancing now I'm happy by I'm dancing to the Sound If you like than get on down on down
ooooh yeaaah
Don't bather what they say shake your body feel the groove and feel the heet and that's dance to the beat the beat
Chours x1
oohoohooohooo x8
Chours x1

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