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Celestial Harmony - lyrics

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Flying free from the earth to eternity
Still we're calling your name
Now from dust to the stars, to the galaxy
More than legions again
Try to understand why we live and die
There's a meaning to it all
Something's calling inside, deep inside us all
The call comes from our soul
Open the gate my friend, and let it shine
United souls we stand as one
On our way to better days
Still we're riding the sun
(On the run)
We believe in love again
That shines in our soul
Forevermore we carry on and on
To the light within us all
Blazing rays of the sun shining on the run
Pure joy sent by the skies
To the cosmic land of celestial light we fly
Now we touch the divine
In the union of earth and sky, you'll find it all
United souls we've heard the call!!

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Return of the Cosmic Men